Team Information

Teams are a great way to have fun, promote a company or organization, and get people excited about Doggie Dash! You only need one person to start a team and a team can be as small as two people as long as they create fundraising pages during or after registration. There is no maximum number of people who can join a team. Every donation made to individual team members will push the team’s donation amounts higher. The more team members, the more likely it is that your team will be the top dog! Any money you raise as an individual contributes to your team total, and you’re eligible for individual fundraising prizes AND team prizes.

Here is what you do to start a team:

2. Complete registration and click on “I Want to Fundraise” on the confirmation page.

3. You will see three options. Click on “Create a Team” and enter your name and crate a password.

4. Enter a team name that’s unique to you.

5. Share the team name with others.

6. Each team member can now register, choose “yes” during registration to create a fundraiser page and join the existing fundraising team.

7. Personalize your team page with photos, and a story by going to “Edit by Fundraiser.” Your teammate’s pages will be a carbon-copy of the team page until they add their own photos and story.

8. To share your page and start bringing in donations, log in to CrowdRise, go to the “Manage Campaign” tab. Copy and paste the unique URL listed and send to friends and family, or use the social media sharing tools.

People who join a team pay the same registration fee as all other participants.